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At My Virtual Estimator, we understand that each sector has its unique challenges. That’s why we provide tailored estimating services for:

With us, you can rest assured knowing your estimates are handled by a team that understands your specific needs.

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Submit Your Drawing Plans

Share your drawing and specifications with us in PDF format. Your plans can be bid sets, schematic, design development, construction documents, or conceptual drawings. Utilize a Dropbox or portal link for submission, or attach the file directly on our contact page. Provide comprehensive details by filling out the form.

Get A Quote

Upon receiving your plans, we will promptly generate a quote encompassing the invoice, turnaround time, and delivery date. If you find the quote acceptable, proceed to payment using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Once the payment is received, our team will initiate work on your project.

Get a signed NDA from us

Prioritizing confidentiality, we require a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with clients. This legal document ensures that all information shared remains private and will not be disclosed to any unauthorized party.

Get Estimate

Following the review of your plans, we will provide you with an estimate. This estimate will include quantities and pricing for materials and labor. Delivered in EXCEL format, you can choose between our template or the client’s template, as requested. Upon agreement with the quote, proceed with payment using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Our team will then commence work on your project.

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Step into the future of cost estimating. Let My Virtual Estimator be your secret weapon in winning more bids.

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We ensure high accuracy to minimize unexpected costs and maximize your bid success rate.

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Time is crucial. We commit to swift delivery, keeping your project timeline on track.

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Our experienced engineers & estimators have deep knowledge across all construction trades.

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Your success is our success. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and personalized solutions.

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Your trusted source for accurate and comprehensive estimates. With a proven track record of excellence, we specialize in delivering precise and reliable estimations for projects of all sizes. Our expert team combines advanced techniques and industry insights to ensure you make informed decisions and achieve project success. Count on us for unparalleled estimation services that drive efficiency and confidence in your planning."
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Material takeoffs are available in PDF and Excel formats. It contains a list of all the materials and tasks needed for the project. Each item is listed division by division and is referenced with the specific drawing from which the quantity is calculated.

    Send us the project plans and drawings along with your takeoff and estimate needs to receive a free quote that includes costs and a turnaround time. After the proposal has been approved, we will send you an online-payable invoice.

    The project’s cost is determined by the size of the project and the scope of work involved, which can range from $200 to $10,000. For a single-trade residential project, the cost is approximately $200. However, if the project involves all trades, from the groundwork to the finishes, the estimated cost could be around $800. Additionally, for multi-story commercial building projects, the estimated cost could be as high as $8,000.

    No, we don’t charge for reviewing plans before placing an order. We offer this service as a courtesy to our customers and to ensure that we can meet their expectations and specifications.

    The size, complexity and scope of the project determine our turnaround time, which can be anywhere between 1 and 5 working days. We avoid taking on rush jobs because they affect the quality of our work.

    Our services are available in the USA only.

    We use Planswift, Bluebeam, Measure Square & Classic On-Screen TakeOff for estimation

    A construction cost estimate is a necessary part of the planning process for any construction project. It gives the client or owner an idea of the likely cost of the project, based on the scope of work and the current market conditions.

    Pre-bid and post-bid meetings are part of the services we offer. These meetings help us communicate clearly with everyone involved in the project and prevent any misunderstandings, delays or extra costs.

    It is challenging to give a precise response because the closure rate and the number of jobs won as a result of estimates depend on the particular conditions of the client and how they choose to modify their overhead and profit percentages. According to our experience, however, we can estimate that on average, our clients have a respectable chance of getting 1 out of every 4 jobs they submit bids for using our services, with profit margins that satisfy their expectations.

    Construction cost estimation is the process of predicting the cost of building a physical structure. Accurate cost estimation is important because it allows developers to know how much money they need to raise, and it also allows them to determine whether a project is feasible.

    Estimators use a variety of methods to calculate the expected costs, including material pricing lists, square footage calculations, and assembly time standards. They also take into account the unique circumstances of each project, such as the location, climate, and type of construction.

    One common mistake is failing to account for all of the costs associated with the project. For example, many estimators only Include the cost of materials and labour in their estimates. However, there are numerous other costs that must be considered, such as the cost of permits and inspections. Another mistake is failing to take into account the difficulty of the project. Finally, many estimators do not allow for contingencies.

    The estimator should get involved as early as possible in the process so that he or she can accurately assess the scope of the work and identify potential problems. By staying involved and informed, the estimator can help to ensure that the construction project stays on track and on budget.

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